Stephen Haven is a  poet , professor,memoirist,  translator,  and editor.
He was raised in the Mohawk Valley (upstate New York) and has lived in many cities, including Boston; New York City; Iowa City; Amsterdam, New York; Houston, Texas; Waco, Texas; Ashland, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; and Beijing, China.

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The Flight from Meaning
Finalist for the International Beverly Prize for Literature

Forthcoming from Slant Books in Spring 2024
"This accomplished collection is impressively sure of itself. It primarily responds to—and if not pays homage then at least continues a conversation with—the Italian poet, film director and general enfant (homme?) terrible Pier Paolo Pasolini. However, the literary influences run much wider than this, ranging from Kurt Vonnegut to Philip Larkin and Henry Adams (and surely many others). The thematic concerns are equally wide-ranging—astrophysics, quantum mechanics, alienation, travel, love, religion and the search for lost time..."           ~~Niall Bourke
The Last Sacred Place In North America
Winner of the New American Poetry Prize (New American Press, 2012), selected by T.R. Hummer
“Stephen Haven is a poet of incisive discipline deployed in the service of a passionate humanistic ethos. Every word in this collection reflects concern: concern for humanity, and concern for language, humanity’s best hope. Global in vision, this worried book is unflinching, yet hopeful…”
                                                                                                                                ~~T.R. Hummer
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Stephen Haven
Poet, professor, memoirist, translator, and editor.